Field of Dreams

I had a dream about a new CMS. These are the notes I made after waking up:

  • whole new way of building content types¬†and creating content
  • you created subtypes just like creating content
  • and you chose the visibility to different classes of user at the time of creation or later
  • and you could do it individually or as a batch thing
  • and you could make a subtype of a type, then sever it, so that it was now a type instead of a subtype
  • also you could make fields that were inheritable across types, so if you changed the field it changed it in all instances of the type
  • then you could take two types or subtypes and combine them in either a union or a conjunction to create another new type
  • it was wild and it was all done in a simple columnar table interface
  • and there were things called branches that described the relations between fields in different types
  • so if one type was a user, and another type was a taxonomy, and a third type was a content type then you could have a field branch that described the relationship of user as author of content and as a tag for searching
  • i’m too old to tackle such a project but it’s tempting
  • everything was a node, content, users, messages, comments, taxonomy, even fields were nodes
  • a field had attributes, like label, title, description/instructions, type, content, position and visibility and you could add attributes you needed
  • when manipulating anything, a window showed you what CSS would be used to address the appearance of what you were working on
  • and you had the choice when building types to give that type its own table in the database and which fields would be indexes

It was a dream of fields.