New EuroZone Plan for Greece

Instead of shooting the Greek economy in the head, heart, both legs and spleen, the EuroZone ministers have decided to shoot the Greek citizens instead. “This vill be much cheaper, ja?” said one of the ministers.

At first the plan was to shoot every third Greek but when it was pointed out that the unemployment rate in Greece is only 21%, the plan was cut back to only shooting one in five. “One percent unemployment, she is not so bad, oui?” said another minister.

“Besides,” a third minister pointed out, “economies don’t have spleens.”

European Ministers Fear Shooting Greek Economy in the Head Not Enough

After the medical analysis of what Greece’s economy’s condition would be in 2020, European finance minsters started negotiations to shoot the Greek economy in the heart as well. The medical analysis originally indicated that after being shot in the head this week, the Greek economy will still be dead in 2020.¬†Panic was close but may have been staved off by the suggested new course of action.

Said one minister, “After shooting the Greek economy in both head and heart, I don’t know what else we can do. If this doesn’t work, we may have to play Russian roulette with the Portuguese economy, as well.”

Russia is not a member of the Eurozone and was unavailable for comment.

Geek to Nerd

Weird how ‘geek’ and ‘nerd’ have changed meaning or at least connotation just since I was in college. ¬†Geek used to mean a circus freak who ate disgusting things for money and a nerd was a useless crumb of something, like eraser crumbs.

Now a geek is someone with skill in some technical or intellectual area and a nerd is someone studying to be a geek.

Next thing you know ‘dork’ is going to mean a Republican presidential primary candidate. Or has that already happened?

Of course, doofus retains its primary meaning of Vice President.