Steppin’ in the Bloggin’ Zone

It’s four a.m. and the cramp is gone.
I’m sittin’ here freezin’, wish it was warm.
Maybe my connection to the blogosphere
Has some hope of making juice.

Cobwebs in my brain,
Can’t shake them loose.
All my friends are sleepin’
Even the ones in Great Brittin’, it’s a pity.

Help, I’m steppin’ in the Bloggin’ Zone
Feels like molasses, not the kind I like.
No sorghum for me, no biscuits neither,
Where can you go when you live in the city?

That’s what you want to know when the gravy hits the kidney?
What kind of fool tries to rhyme city with something like kidney?

My chair’s spinning’ like a Frisbee; that’s supposed to be better?
The dog is getting’ scared. Poor little pooch will be all alone
If I’m losin’ it.
Can’t get no kibbles, she can’t reach the bag
Or use the phone.

Who would she call at four a.m. anyway?
The neighbor’s lights are on, but I know he’s not home.
He’s down in L.A. for surgery…
They’ll cut him to the bone.

Maybe he’ll blog about it when he gets back
In Spanish, I suppose, he’s from Chihuahua
But my dog is a poodle and now she’s outside
Barkin’ at some imaginary cat.

Well, it’s 5 a.m. and the night is gone,
Sittin’ here getting’ chilled to the bone,

I think I’ve been frozen.
So I say…

Help, I’m steppin’ in the Bloggin’ Zone….