Cool Apps, Sick Dogs

Crazy times, sick dogs, massive traffic on websites, I just got too busy to remember to blog for a few days. Not that there was nothing to blog, I just forgot.

One thing is I got a neat app for my iPhone/iPad called MyFitnessBuddy. It is helping me keep track of what I eat and how much exercise I get and is encouraging me to eat better and be sure to get exercise. If I can stick to this plan, I should be able to lose about one pound a week. My goal is to lose 100 pounds.

It’s not really a diet, I’ve been doing this since Thursday and I’m eating about as much as I usually eat, just more salad and veggies, less bread and sweets. I like salads and veggies so this is no hardship, just something to keep my mind on it.

Another app turns the iPhone into a pedometer to keep track of how far, how long and how fast I walk when taking the dog out. That’s really interesting, too.

Cuddles was ill for a few days, urpy, but she seems okay now after a visit to the vet.

Dog Blog

Took Cuddles for her seven week checkup after her eye surgery, all is good and her meds were reduced again. Next appointment in four months.

She’s gotten pretty good about the eyedrops, when my reminder alarm goes off, she goes and sits by the oven to wait for me to give her a treat, some eyedrops and another treat. She hardly flinches at all now so I’m not using the meds up quite as fast.

She loves everyone at the vet’s office which is next to a small trade college. Trying to run around and sniff of all the students walking around kept her happy as we were leaving. No one doesn’t like a fuzzy little poodle with a wagging tail.