Life Is a Puzzle

Where does this piece go now?

You only have so many pieces but you never know how many you have until you’ve used them up making a picture of geese and a covered bridge and a road leading to a red barn on a hillside.

The goose girl is wearing a brown shift and carrying a crooked staff. What does she do with it? Prod the geese? Catch them around the neck and yank them away from danger? Thump dogs and other threats to her charges? Ker-thwack. Maybe she’s a ninja with throwing stars in her apron.

The barn is pretty and the doors are open showing stalls and hay inside. And the second floor door or window, whatever you call it, is open too. There’s an metal arm sticking out with a pulley and a line hanging from it. The hook on the end of the line is probably made for lifting hay bales up or down. Is that a cow peeking out around the elbow of the metal arm? Maybe it’s just a boy in a black and white shirt.

Some pieces don’t fit so you take out your knife and cut them in two and glue the pieces back together with a bit of spit and a spot of bother and then they fit where you want them to.

Yes, that is a cow looking out of the second floor window of the barn.

Life is what you make of it, puzzle or not.

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