No accounting for taste

I take the dog for a walk and she frequently stops to lick the pavement or some other dubious surface. Then she looks thoughtful for a moment before blowing through her nose and continuing on with our walk.

I always wonder what she tasted and why it caused her to look like she was thinking over the implications. But I’m not brave enough to try the obvious experiment.

Even with what is indubitably human food, I’m not that adventurous. Took me a long time to get up the nerve to taste squid. It’s like a cross between a rubber eraser and a slightly fishy piece of string, far as I can tell. Not disgusting but not that good either.

And food from the Eastern Mediterranean and South Asia has a smell I find it hard to ignore. The combination of lots of turmeric, cumin and other spices produces an odor indistinguishable to me from sweaty underarms. But billions of people eat curry and other such things and seem to enjoy it without ill effects.

And now research suggests that such heavy spice use can reduce triglycerides in the blood and control insulin response. I dunno.

I suppose I will try it sometime if I can get past the association the smell has for me. I wonder how curried squid would taste?

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