Weather, Who Needs It?

I’ve said many times that Southern California doesn’t really have weather, just climate. Weather is what other people are having when they want to move to California.

But today we got a sample of the real thing right here.

It was cold and foggy in the morning, cold meaning temps in the high 30s (F). Around one p.m. it started raining then shifted to hail for a few minutes around two p.m. Back to rain for most of the afternoon, a short bout of sleet around five p.m. and now a mix of very small sleet and a light rain that’s almost more like a fat fog.

Pretty entertaining to watch as long as you don’t have to be out in it.

Smudge pots will likely to be burning to protect the avocados tonight, it’s not going to get cold enough far enough down the mountain to bother oranges and the peaches and apples actually like this kind of thing. At least, the temporary bout of wildfire weather is over for now, until the next Santana Wind.

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