Culture Warriors and Economic Truths

The Republican candidates and leadership will do anything right now to try to distract voters from economic truths. The culture war they have re-ignited is proof of this; most of these battles they are trying to re-fight were won by legislation and judicial action decades ago.

But the whole point of this war on people is NOT to roll back laws on contraception, homosexuality, drug use or even abortion; the point of these distractions is to get a slate of candidates elected who will do the political dirty work to keep the economics of big money as profitable for those in control of it as possible.

Mitt Romney just announced that he will balance the budget if elected. He’s going to do this by cutting funding to Public Broadcasting and Amtrak. This economic weak tea is probably Mitt’s desperate effort to stay out of the culture wars because his heart is not in the bashing of humanist policies required. He is at heart a moderate and a bit of a wonk and he has to know that there is no way of balancing the budget without increasing revenues.

Rick Santorum meanwhile has escalated things again, attacking President Obama’s efforts to make college affordable for the middle-class as an attempt to get more people into institutions where they can become brain-washed liberals. There has probably never been such a Know Nothing Manifesto by a significant candidate for American President before, even in a primary. It is part of the culture war, the idea that some intellectual elite rules America and common people must unite around shared traditional values to defeat the would-be aristocrats.

Why has it come to this?

Because the economic message of cut the budget, cut taxes for the rich, cut programs for the poor and middle class and throw people out of work in order to save — Godzilla knows what — has failed.

The economy is recovering, no thanks to the radical right at all whose every effort for the last four years has gone into making things worse in hopes of dis-electing a black Democrat, however moderate he may be.

Hence, the culture war in an attempt to fire up the base and distract people from the abysmal failures of enacted, proposed and repeatedly failed Republican economic policies.

Never mind that the culture wars are driving away moderates and independents, the Republicans must keep the party together until the Fall someway. Who knows, maybe something will upset the economic apple cart and they will stand a chance of beating Obama with the same old schtick.

2 thoughts on “Culture Warriors and Economic Truths

  1. Well, by the time he was elected in 2004, it was already too late.

    I still want to make a bumper sticker that says “Bush-Cheney 2012 – It’s never too late to Indict”.

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