Republicans Plan to Occupy Tampa

Just learned that the Republican Movement is planning a mass gathering in some place called the Tampa Bay Times Forum this summer. There’ll be thousands of them showing up with their bedrolls and bongs to demonstrate in favor of their ideas of good government.

Tampa police and authorities are making plans to keep order, including forcing the demonstrators to confine most of their activity to one venue. Supplies of tear gas and rubber bullets are being increased in case the Occupants get rowdy. Clashes are expected between factions in the disorganized national group.

There’s some talk that the gathering is being called to select a paramount leader but others say that any such attempt would just deepen the divisions in the movement, leading perhaps to permanent ruptures and mass hernias of all involved.

If you’re going to be in Tampa this August 29, drive by and give the Occupants the official Occupy Tampa salute. That’s where you old up your left hand in the OK sign and with the right hand make another gesture and stick your right middle finger as the upright of the ‘t’ through the center of the ‘o’ made by left thumb and forefinger.

They’ll understand and likely make several gestures right back at you.

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