The Relentless Dumbnation of Republican Politics

Among people for whom belief replaces knowledge, the Republican Party has carved out a colony of know-nothings who despise science, education and intelligence as being tools of the elite. These colonials vote in truly frightening numbers.

Their minions inhabit school boards across the country, blaming teachers for the failure of schools while cutting budgets to the bone. The governing councils of large cities seem more resistant to this sort of seat-packing but rural counties from Maine to Hawaii have to deal with their influence.

Several state governments, the next level up, have been taken over by these anti-intellectual, anti-humanist, anti-compromise candidates and their take-no-prisoners, scorched-earth politics.

Their influence in the U.S. House of Representatives is undeniable. Their presence in the Senate is just enough to make obstruction to legislation, any legislation just about, effective and nearly constant. The benches of Federal courts grow emptier and emptier as they block confirmation of appointees for no other reason than that they can and it causes trouble for those they see as their enemies.

Their enemies are the rest of us, those for whom facts matter.

But take heart, their very success breeds their downfall. Emboldened by a few gains, they assume that the rulership of the world is within their grasp at the same time that they complain that the other side is picking on them. They can’t see the inevitable push back coming, they think any win is a win forever and any win is worth any risk to secure.

Their leaders keep getting dumber and dumber in their policies, their actions and their strident posturing on the public stage. It’s only a matter of time until they tilt their heads back to look at the gray clouds they have seeded rolling in — and drown in a downpour of reason and understanding like the turkeys they are.

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