New EuroZone Plan for Greece

Instead of shooting the Greek economy in the head, heart, both legs and spleen, the EuroZone ministers have decided to shoot the Greek citizens instead. “This vill be much cheaper, ja?” said one of the ministers.

At first the plan was to shoot every third Greek but when it was pointed out that the unemployment rate in Greece is only 21%, the plan was cut back to only shooting one in five. “One percent unemployment, she is not so bad, oui?” said another minister.

“Besides,” a third minister pointed out, “economies don’t have spleens.”

2 thoughts on “New EuroZone Plan for Greece

  1. I’ve been convinced for a while that Greece is a slow motion car crash. The Greek people don’t like being pushed down this path (they’ve already been in recession for five years, and there’s talk of their economy being down the pan for the next two decades!), the remainder of Europe don’t like their governments coughing up billions of Euros to try and prevent it from defaulting and leaving the Euro, I’d imagine the private companies they owe money to aren’t too happy about writing off the debt…

    In fact, about the only people who seem to ‘like’ the deal are the European politicians (who are scared that if Greece defaults and leaves the Euro, other, larger economies e.g. Portugal could be next, which they think could threaten the entire viability of the currency and their plans for economic [1] as well as monetary union), and Hedge Fund Managers, who’ve bet large sums of money on Greece tanking.

    Oh, and quite possibly the trio of credit rating agencies, whose word politicians and economists seem to treat as infallible – never mind the fact they all gave Iceland’s banks AAA ratings immediately before they failed…

    [1] Well, economic union was originally supposed to be one of the goals of the Euro project, but they were in such a rush to implement it they initially let countries in which didn’t meet the entry requirements, then everyone (including France and Germany) ignored the rules of membership.

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