Geek to Nerd

Weird how ‘geek’ and ‘nerd’ have changed meaning or at least connotation just since I was in college.  Geek used to mean a circus freak who ate disgusting things for money and a nerd was a useless crumb of something, like eraser crumbs.

Now a geek is someone with skill in some technical or intellectual area and a nerd is someone studying to be a geek.

Next thing you know ‘dork’ is going to mean a Republican presidential primary candidate. Or has that already happened?

Of course, doofus retains its primary meaning of Vice President.

2 thoughts on “Geek to Nerd

  1. Horses for courses – ask a hundred people how they’d define the two terms and you’d probably get a hundred different answers. To my mind, a geek is someone who admits they’re more knowledgeable than average about something and enjoy doing that something. So theoretically you could be a music geek, a literature geek, an architecture geek (anyone remember the “Geek Code”?!) – but the kind most commonly encountered on the ‘net is of course a geek of computing.

    To my mind’s eye, a nerd is a more extreme geek – pretty similar to the image conjured by Wikipedia’s article. I haven’t really looked into the dozen or so similar / alternative terms.

    Oh, and while I’m at it…

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