Still Bloggin’, After All These Hours

Had a good lunch with one of my neighbors. I’m not sure if it counts as a date since he paid for all of it, I’ve been out of the dating scene for almost 30 years. If so, it was a nice date. We had Chinese food, Mongolian Beef for me and Sweet and Sour Shrimp for him.

Now it’s off to Writer’s group tonight. I should invite my new friend, well, I did, he’s a writer, too, but he watches television on Mondays. I didn’t ask what.

There, banal enough for you?

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6 thoughts on “Still Bloggin’, After All These Hours

  1. Are you really trying to put “Blog” in all of your post titles?

    We’ll have to try that restaurant the next time I’m down there as I start to miss Chinese food if I’m away from it for too long.

  2. What rules internets alone or in sets
    All about your neighbor’s cute dog?
    What’s great for a rant and shits in your pants?
    It’s Blog, Blog, Blog!

    It’s Blog, it’s Blog, it’s light, it’s quick, it’s read.
    It’s Blog, it’s Blog, it’s better than bland, it’s dead!
    Everyone wants a blog! You’re gonna love it, Blog!
    Come on and get your blog! Everyone needs a Blog!

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